By: Pooja Kaushal

Composting - Why is it so Important?

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Ah, compositing. Such a foreign term to so many.
Composting is an important part of our daily lives for many reasons. To name a few, it can help to limit food waste, grow a healthier garden and contribute to the well-being of our planet. Most people do not compost because they do not know of the benefits it can bring. Composting is the mixture of decaying organic substances such as fruit skins, the parts of the vegetables that you throw away, dry leaves, manure, etc. A great rule of thumb to help to distinguish what is compostable from what is not is, if it comes from the ground, you should be able to put it back there. Natural fertilizers can help in the garden and on farmland. These organic substances can be used to fertilize soil and help with the growth and prolonging of plant life.By using natural fertilizer, we can limit the use of harmful chemicals in our homes that can have an effect on wildlife.
So how do you compost you may ask? Ideally, a flat bin placed in a sunny area where it can remain moist is best. Dry twigs, leaves and fruit skins can help with the breaking down of food particles. Empty your bin every 4 - 5 days. Full decomposition can take anywhere from 4 - 6 months to turn into soil, which can then be used as you would any other fertilizer in the garden. Fertilizing the garden 2 - 3 times a year will help you plants grow taller and make your garden that much healthier.
How do you get the family onboard with composting? Sometimes it is difficult to get everyone onboard with composting, especially when you have young kids. It takes practice and education but every little bit helps.Take a look at the links below for ways to make composting fun for the kids.
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