Eco-friendly Living: Recognising the Need for Change

By: Pooja Kaushal

Eco-friendly Living: Recognising the Need for Change

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As humans, we instinctively know that a clean, sustainable environment is good for everyone. Less pollution, less waste, more recycling and using biodegradable materials is better than living with a large carbon footprint. But how many of us give serious thought to actually living a responsible, eco-conscious lifestyle? The reasons are not hard to find. Many of us don’t know where to start, we think it’s too hard, or it’s too expensive to change our habits. And so, we keep making unsustainable choices.

Although we want to do better, but are too busy living our lives. So when we think about living sustainably, we typically think about personal sacrifice (“what will I have to give up in my life?”). Does preserving the environment always have to mean personal sacrifice? Maybe yes - but only in the short term.

Once we get used to the change, it can actually be very fulfilling. Knowing that we’re doing our best to keep the environment healthy and that it will continue to provide for us and our future generations is a very comforting thought.. Environmental sustainability thus enhances our personal emotional well being. There are multiple other advantages, but we will talk about them another day!

Where do I start?

You might ask, “sure, I do want to live more responsibly and recognize the need for change. But where do I start?”... or, “I already do what I can. What else should I do?”

Here are a couple of simple tips to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle:

1. Be mindful: Give some thought to becoming more aware about the need for change.

2. Decide to learn: Educate yourself on how you can personally make a difference

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