What is an Eco-friendly Lifestyle Anyway?

By: Pooja Kaushal

What is an Eco-friendly Lifestyle Anyway?

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Feburary 2020

The term ‘eco-friendly’ has been around in our culture for a few years now. Along with ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘green’, climate change’, ‘recycled’ etc. it is common-place in our daily lives but I bet not all of us understand these terms intrinsically. 

Being Earth Friendly 
 Simply put, eco-friendly is being earth-friendly i.e., the opposite of inflicting damage to earth and our environment. 
 We are all at least aware of how human action is contributing to negative climate change. Mostly, we think about it and then move on, perhaps making minor adjustments in our lifestyle, not really inconveniencing ourselves. So how do we go from paying just lip service to fully living these concepts? The first step is to consciously educate ourselves and accept that the threat of climate change is real. Keep in mind, our kids are watching, so let us not let them down. Where appropriate, let them take the lead.
 Step two, put that knowledge into action i.e. actually caring for our environment more and living consciously to avoid doing harm to it. So what can you do to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle? Here are just a few handy tips:

 That’s it! Once you include these habits into your daily life, you will begin to live a responsible, eco-friendly lifestyle. And you should be proud of it!